A short history of the Ryad Watier

The Ryad Watier is tucked away in the heart of the medina of Essaouira. Its large traditional door, which has been renovated using the skills of Moroccan craftsmen, opens onto a little square where local children gather to play around the fountain.

The Ryad Watier used to be a school, but having been abandoned and fallen into disuse, it has now been entirely rebuilt for its new life as a welcoming riad for those who love holidays and tranquil short breaks «away from time”. Visitors are totally immersed in the charm of Moroccan traditions, from the cooking to the furniture, and to the terraces, not forgetting the lounges with their fireplaces and the master suites, meticulously decorated using local arts and crafts.

As an anecdote, the riad pays homage to Watier, a Water and Forest inspector, who saved Essaouira from being swamped by sand by organizing the considerable task of fixing the dunes that surround the town. Thanks to Watier, Essaouira and its bay have been preserved.

The bewitching charm of Essaouira has inspired a number of writers and artists:

“A shell surrounded by sand, this town forms a miniature, with soft colours…” – A. Khatibi

“From the top of the Azelf promontory overlooking Essaouira, the town looked as if it were touching the water, like a mirage floating between the sky and the earth” – Frédéric Damgard

Rue M’sguina, the local name:

Located at the junction of narrow streets and passages in the medina, the Ryad Watier enables you to be totally immersed in the life of Essaouira.