The Pepe Rotto suite room

With its Moroccan furnishings made by the craftsmen of Essaouira, this room overlooks the garden.

Situated on the first floor of the riad, the Pepe Rotto suite has two windows that overlook the garden.

With its Moroccan furnishings and decoration in the pure tradition of Essaouira, this suite comprises a double-bedded room, a lounge with a desk and a shower room with a dressing table.

Large suite-room of 38 m2 with bedroom and lounge
115  / night with breakfast / 2-3 people

Origin of the name “Pepe Rotto” :

His family, originally from Gibraltar, settled in Mogador to do business there. Pepe Rotto learned several languages and dialects in the country and especially browsing the Portuguese who allowed him to become consul of Brazil. Intelligent, active, he was all the adventures of the region until his death in 1917.